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Credit caption: Jon Stelzer as MEGACOPMegacop   is a TV action thriller about the adventures of Megacop, a superintelligent bionic cop in the Clarksdale PD. Megacop (Jon Stelzer) is assisted by girlfriend and fellow officer Stephanie Baron (Marsha Peterbilt) and comic partner Joe Schmendrick (Dune Guy).

Marsha Peterbilt in action Megacop is up against a drug dealer simply called Smokescreen (Michael Hurst), who's peddling coke, and his gang of ninja thugs. The fight gets personal when Megacop's girlfriend is kidnapped, and Megacop is faced with a choice. He can leave the police force, or Smokescreen will kill Stephanie.

A Clarksdale PD officer giving a ticket. Megacop, distraught, sinks into depression and stops fighting crime. Schmendrick decides to raise his partner's spirits and show him the true meaning of police work by taking him on a tour of famous law enforcement sites all over the USA, including the gravestone of Wyatt Earp, where Schmendrick gives an inspiring speech.

A cop of some sort. Megacop, inspired, goes on a crusade against Smokescreen. In a climactic gun duel, Schmendrick takes a bullet to save his friend's life. Megacop finally brings down Smokescreen and rescues the girl.

Smokescreen gets away, leaving room for a Megacop sequel. But Megacop vows revenge, in a touching monologue to Schmendrick's gravestone, which is, fittingly, combined with Earp's own.

Schmendrick's gravestone

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