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Jennifer Aniston is Greek--her real name is Jennifer Anistonopolous. She's the same nationality as Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the ancient world. Wonder if they're related...

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          Jennifer, who plays Rachel on "Friends", was born in Sherman Oaks, CA on February 11th, 1969. Jennifer is of Greek descent and even spent a magical year living there with her family when she was a child. She later relocated to New York when her father landed a role on the show "Love of Life".
          At age eleven, she joined the Rudolf Steiner School's drama club. Jennifer says, "I was always fascinated by acting, ever since I saw Children of a Lesser God on Broadway. My experience at Rudolf Steiner encouraged me to pursue acting as a career. Steiner was a free-spirited school that encouraged creativity and individualism." It was here that she developed a passion for art. That same year, one of Jennifer's paintings was displayed in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. She then went on to New York's High School of the Performing Arts to begin her professional training.
          In 1987, after graduating from high school, Aniston spent a year living at home with her mom. She did not want to go to college. Instead, she worked at a burger joint called Jackson Hole in Manhattan. During those halcyon burger-flipping days, Aniston won roles in the Off-Broadway productions of For Dear Life at New York's Public Theater and Dancing On Checkers Grave, location unknown.
Friends Fact!

Aniston used to be 30lb heavier, until her agent told her to lose weight. She gave up mayonnaise, pre-meal snacking, white bread, post-meal snacking and butter to reach her current trim size.

          Looking for more of a challenge, Aniston moved west where she met, and dated, soon-to-be Friend Dune Guy (Chandler Bing). During 1989, Aniston was cast in a handful of television shows, including "Molloy," "The Edge" and the CBS juggernaut "Ferris Beuller". In that year, Aniston made a name for herself as an actress who would take risks and graciously accept criticism of herself and her work. Then, a pilot of a show called Friends Like Us came along. Aniston was originally tested for the role of Monica, but she told the producers that she felt much more comfortable with the Rachel character and they agreed.
          Life isn't all giggles and champagne for the spunky Aniston. Fame has proven to be a real drag in some ways. Her passions for things like antiquing, hiking, and travelling have been halted. She can no longer go out into public without being stopped for autograph requests or photos and finds the worst part of her newfound celebrity status is meeting a man.
Friends Fact!

Jennifer Aniston's father once sent her to her room for not having anything interesting to say at the dinner table.

          Aniston's previous beau was the unlucky Tate Donovan, who couldn't cope with her fame. When they started going out, "Friends" hadn't taken off yet. His previous relationships include one with Sandra Bullock which also ended because Tate couldn't cope with her suddenly being the hottest property in Hollywood. The problem between Jen and Tate got worse when Disney's Hercules (Tate was Hercules's voice) was a flop. Tate was also in a "Friends" knockoff, "Socks," which was nowhere near as successful as the original. His jealousy infuriated Jennifer to the point that she finally delivered him an ultimatum: on the eve of the "Object of My Affection" premiere, she announced that if he didn't turn up, he was dumped. He didn't turn up.
          Jennifer is currently without a boyfriend, although rumor has linked her to actor and gadabout Brad Pitt. But all that is nonsense--she's single. Click here to put in your application to become Jennifer's new significant other.


How I Spent My Summer 1990 (TV Movie)
Friends Fact!

Jennifer's father is soap star John Anistonopolis, who plays the villain Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives. It was he who wrote the screenplay for Picture Perfect. "I was committed to do a film for Fox," Jennifer says, "so I pitched them this script."

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