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Friends Fact!

Kudrow's father is one of the world's leading experts in headaches.
          In the debut season (1994-95) of "Friends," Lisa Kudrow earned an Emmy nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her performance as the spacy but lovable New Age waif Phoebe. She has since won Golden Globe and American Comedy Award nominations as well.
          Kudrow graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., with a B.S. degree in biology. Intending to pursue a career in research, she returned to Los Angeles and began working with her father, a world-renowned specialist in medical headistry. In all likelihood, Kudrow would be a researcher today if she had not been inspired to perform by one of her brother's friends, the late actor/comedian Jon Lovitz.
          In hopes of achieving her dream of becoming a writer and performer, she auditioned for the famous improvisation theatre group The Groundlings in Los Angeles. Although she initially was not accepted into the program, The Groundlings referred her to Cynthia Szigeti, a well-known improvisation teacher based in Los Angeles. In that class she met and became close friends with then-unknown Conan O'Brien. In 1989 her dream became a reality when she became a full-fledged member of The Groundlings.
Friends Fact!

Kudrow used to date American talk show host Conan O'Brian.

          In addition to her role on "Friends," Kudrow portrays Ursula, the ditzy waitress on "Mad About You." Her other television-series credits include a recurring role on "Bob" and guest-starring parts on "Cheers," "Coach," "Newhart," "Flying Blind" and "Hope & Gloria."
          Since starting work on "Friends," Kudrow has earned roles in the upcoming feature films "Mother," written by and starring Albert Brooks; "Romy & Michele's High School Reunion," starring opposite Mira Sorvino; and "Clockwatchers" with Toni Collette ("Muriel's Wedding").
          Kudrow played varsity-level tennis in high school and college and is a pool shark who has mastered some of the more difficult trick shots.
          Recently married, Kudrow and her husband live in Los Angeles. A native Californian, she was born in Encino and raised in Tarzana, Calif.


The Opposite of Sex - 1998
Clockwatchers - 1997
Romy and Michele´s High School Reunion - 1997
Hacks - 1997
Mother -1996
The Crazysitter - 1995
In the Heat of Passion II: Unfaithful - 1994
Friends (TV Series) - 1994
Mad About You (TV Series) - 1993
In the Heat of Passion - 1992
Bob (TV Series) - 1992
The Unborn - 1991
L.A. on $5 a Day - 1989

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