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On Dune Guy Day

Intro:E|-9---10---12---10---09-|-14---15---17---15---14---|-9--10--12---10--9--|--B|-10--12---14---12---10-|-15---17---19---17---15---|10--12--14---12--10-|--G|-----------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|--D|-----------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|--A|-----------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|--E|-----------------------|--------------------------|--------------------|-- Verse 1: A D When Chandler Bing begins to sing, A E7 A Ethe bells all ring, the bells all ring. A Dand that ringing is my favorite thing A E7 AOn Holy Dune Guy Day.Verse 2:Donít speak, donít wink, donít even blinkOn Dune guy day, on Dune guy day,Cause Dune is on TV, I think,On holy Dune guy day.Bridge 1: D F#m D We give each other presents from the heart D F#m A And then watch Chandler tear his friends apart A7 Apaaart...Verse 3:Itís time to bake the Dune Guy cakeOn Dune Guy Day, on Dune Guy Day,Donít lick the bowl, for goodness sake,On holy Dune Guy Day. Bridge 2: No one else is close to on a par With David Lynchís celebrated star His Staaar... Verse 4: On Dune Guy Day, On Dune Guy Day, Youíll always find a party here, On Dune Guy Day, On Dune Guy Day, The bestest day of the year!

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