The Be Kurt Russell Prize Basket

Be Kurt Russell and win prizes! Many will enter, few will win!!

Below are the outlines of the fabulous prizes currently in the Prize Basket, from the unidentifiable first item to the other fabulous unidentifiable items which may or may not exist. Every week, another secret prize is added to the Be Kurt Russell Prize Package, until Jun 17, 2001, or until Kurt Russell claims the package, whichever comes first.

Requirements: You must in fact be Kurt Russell to enter. All other entries will be excluded. Our panel of judges will carefully examine all applications and judge Kurt Russell the winner.

Apr 1
Apr 8
Could be a pencil
Apr 15
A motorcar?
Apr 22
Probably another pencil
Apr 29
Computer (possibly Amiga)
May 6
Either a ring or some sort of jockstrap
May 13
Severed head of a policeman
May 20
Damned blackhearted pirate
May 27
Circular object surrounded by ring
Jun 3
One (1) jug hooch
Jun 10
Kurt Russell
Jun 17
Special secret GRAND PRIZE

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