"You shall never touch my living body, you, you-- fiend!" you cry. Mad with animal passion, Nemo rushes at you, but you evade his clutches. He stands in the center of the room.

Now let's take a break from the narrative and describe the room. The floor is made of stones, cunningly placed so they make a flat surface, and the rough ashlar of the walls is reminiscent of old cyclopean ruins. Rich purple tapestries adorn the walls, and the bathroom has one of those swingy mirrors that lets you see the back of your head if you really try.

Anyway, you meet Captain Nemo's eyes and say haughtily, "If you lay a hand on me I will end my life."

You step into the casement of the window as if to hurl yourself to your death.

You press the keen edge of a dagger to your milky white throat.

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