avril 22, 2007
look ma no hands

OK, so in the last entry I was all into riding my bike, and where did riding my bike get me? In a pickle that's where. I fell off my gd bike and now both of my palms are basically skin-free and you know what is connected to your palms? Your fingers, thumbs, and arms. You know what hurts? Typing. Turning the pages of books. Picking up things, including cups, forks, and slices of pizza. Opening doors. Turning on faucets. Zipping my pants. Operating a cell phone. Playing video games. Hugging people. Basically doing anything that is a) necessary to life, b) helpful in doing all the homework I have to do and c) fun and/or able to distract you from the stinging pain of your bloody, disfigured hands. Plus, I deeply bruised my pelvis, so you can add standing up, sitting down, and walking to the list of hurting things.

Obviously the typing is possible b/c I am doing it right now, although very slowly and with two beaked hands, like how The Penguin would type. making capitals is the most painful b/c sometimes you forget your new shifting system which involves two hands and try to do it with one hand. no caps in these last two sentences b/c i used them up on the penguin

ok this is starting to hurt see you guyz lata

Posted by anonymousblonde at 12:29 AM