avril 21, 2006
springtime is fairytime

The weather is cruelly, cruelly beautiful. Oh, T.S.! This is always my problem in April. I'm always mixed up in some stupid business that makes me take all the blossoms for granted. Right now it's that I'm going to get an MFA in erotic science fiction & there's been a lot of business and trouble about where to go. I bet you didn't know they offered MFAs in genre-fiction like sci-fi erotica. Well, my poppets, they do for me. And o how I've longed, through all of my entrepeneurial enterprises, to go back to school. And anyway it won't be so different from my long recent lifetime of getting grants to do things; I don't have many classes, and they're giving me kind of a lot of nice money to live on. But! I have to teach youths about writing, and not just how to invent different funny devices that aliens can use for sex. That's something new for me. I've never taught anyone anything, except I suppose I taught the staff at my phone-sex company how to talk real sweet & real dirty.

Anyway, I'm going to switch cities, and in all the trouble & bustle of thinking about moving, the blossoms might end up falling on deaf ears. Again. What a fool I am.

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avril 13, 2006
Oh. My. God.

I figured out non-base-10 number systems! OK, I didn't, like, invent non-base-10 number systems. But ever since I was a very little girl--back when I was struggling with long division but somehow got placed in this advanced math class where they taught about prisms and parallel lines (all mildly comprehensible) and base-5 number systems (not comprehensible in any way), I have been puzzled and confused and have begun to sweat a little bit anytime anyone mentioned the concept to me. When I was a child bride in Georgia my husband, Irwin, used to try to explain it to me over breakfast, writing in ketchup on my huevos rancheros. He would get really intent on making me understand it--his face would get all grave & his brow would furrow, and he would push his spectacles up high on his nose like he really meant business, and I would sit there and watch my eggs getting cold underneath numbers I could not grasp, and I think those were the times when I felt the most desperate and trapped in that illegal, unethical marriage.

But I was reading this article about teaching place value to second-graders, and I just thought I would google base-5, and I saw some example that was totally incomprehensible (AGAIN) and then! then, I saw it written out: 549= 5x10^2 + 4x10^1 + 9x10^0. And I thought, "OF COURSE!" And now I can do it with anything.

At any rate, it is an epoch in my life. And a chapter of my life is closed. And so on. Triumph. I think I will become a computer programmer.

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