juin 19, 2002
Big Night Out

So, it's a Wednesday night, and though I have indeed lost my ellipses, Wednesday is my traditional night for painting the town red. I was a Wednesday's child (yes, I know. Look at my goddam photo album, for Chrissake) and anyway almost everything's open on Wednesdays, but no one else is there to spoil the fun. Except the library: it's closed. Tuesday would be better, but Tuesday is a terrible day, and what kind of god does it represent, anyway? Some god made of tewk, probably. I hate Polynesia. When I was a young girl my creepy sugardaddy inventor husband took me there in one of his vague attempts to seduce me. He bought me lots of fruity beverages, which I thought were OK because I was maybe eleven or twelve, though I still preferred the hard stuff, straight up, even then. But all the furniture was made of -- teak. Okay, tewk isn't from Polynesia, apparently. Ha ha, I'm a fucking idiot. But what about Tewksbury? What does that mean?

Anyway, tonight is Wednesday, and thus I actually have a date for once. It's been a little while, as you might have noticed. I think we'll maybe fry up some eggs at my place and watch a little Cosby Show, if it rains. If not: we could always go swimming.

Posted by anonymousblonde at 06:53 PM
Somebody Stole My Ellipses

I had these ellipses, and this guy stole them just for spite. What a tard.

Posted by anonymousblonde at 06:43 PM