septembre 04, 2004
at least they can use a handicapped parking space now! hehe! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there has been too much spam. So I disabled comments! Not that very many people left comments anyway. But. If you would like to contact me, or would like me to post something as a comment, you should feel free to e-mail me. You can figure out my e-mail address by typing in anonymousblonde and then one of those @ signs and then typing in

Also, if you would like to be notified about things--like when this stupid journal is updated, or when you can FINALLY go on a virtual tour of my apartment, or whatever, you can e-mail that same address. And I will add you to a magic list!

Bisous, etc.

yr humble servant,

Posted by duneguy at septembre 04, 2004 10:37 AM