mars 13, 2004

Let us stop, stop, stop talking about how much our friends eat! (How much, of course, encompasses how little.)

Let us stop being catty about it. But for God's sake, let us also stop being sage!

Posted by anonymousblonde at mars 13, 2004 01:07 PM

Hey, I've finally returned to seduce you with my limitless wit... and stuff. I've been depressed lately but recently came off of it because another friend of mine agreed to be depressed with me. I've been wanting to ask how the old erotic science fiction project is going. It's become a subject amongst all of my friends and I actually got my best friend to start writing his own eroscific but his girlfriend read it and after he healed up he vowed never to touch such things again. Have you ever considered who might read the stuff for something other than the humour of it? That there may be a depraved heroin addict or star trek fan out there who could conceivably become aroused by the image of a clymestran's third uviel? It's rather strange that "Howl" was the subject of an obscenity trial bot erotic science fiction seems untouched. Some might blame the complete absence of cultural mores in this decade as oppose to in the fifties. Me, I blame the fact that noone could possibly understand what it's about.

As for the eating thing I find it odd that women are supposed to be thin. This makes no sense. Now I'm a boy and so I kind of understand something about the gender. We want everything to be bigger. Bigger processor, bigger wang, bigger car, bigger wallet. And yet our women should be smaller? I think not. Every male secretly wants to make love to the fattest woman on earth. Now why the discrepancy? I have a theory. I think that men realize that they're going to pay for a lot of the food a woman eats as well as her clothes. As woman's size (X) increases, wallet's size (Y) decreases. The reason being the money needed for food (Z) which increases woman's size and clothing (C) Which is needed for the larger woman.

Now putting this all together. Rate of Z increases X and decreases Y. Increased X increased C which also decreases Y.

I'm no mathmagician but I thing that causes some sort of loop of death. So to prevent this guys have to sacrifice having the largest girlfriend in order to have a large car and large wallet and other such things. I probably stopped being topical or making sense a long while ago but I havnt written anything nonsensical since LnE stopped taking guest articles so I must apologize.

Posted by: political boy on mars 17, 2004 01:19 AM

That's an interesting theory, but what i really mean is that I just want to stop talking about it altogether. I could explain what I mean exactly but I won't! Because I'm getting on an airplane soon & am busy.

Posted by: the A.B. on mars 17, 2004 12:04 PM

Ah Italy, I spent some time around Florence and Naples when I was young. Hope you have fun.

Posted by: Political boy on mars 17, 2004 07:02 PM

Ah Italy, I spent some time around Florence and Naples when I was young. Hope you have fun.

Posted by: Political boy on mars 17, 2004 07:02 PM
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