juillet 10, 2002
Cooking Stuff

I went grocery shopping yesterday after I left the office. It was a terrible day to go grocery shopping, since I don't have a car anymore & it was raining and I was exhausted from sleeping on this weird hard yogic bed that my cousin Eowyn gave me last week (my old feather mattress was infested by crickets, oddly enough). Anyway, it was too bad that it was raining, because I needed to get some groceries, so I walked fifteen blocks in my professional-looking burnt-orange stiletto loafers & saffron-colored linen suit-type thing, holding a newspaper over my head with one hand and holding a copy of "Homer's Daughter" aloft in the other, level with my face, so that I wouldn't have to think about it raining. On the way home, however, I didn't have that option, as I had to hold both hand hooked behind my neck, my elbows jutting out like a couple of funny looking beaks in front of me, the bags dangling like useless wings or ugly papooses or terrible excised lungs behind me, banging against my shoulder-blades. Hooray.

But I had fresh corn and green beans for dinner, which I cooked in my hot terrible kitchen, and then I drew pictures of rabbits.

Posted by anonymousblonde at juillet 10, 2002 02:29 PM