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Pokémon Revelations

by Rory the Ex-Dragon

What is the Pokémon universe? Is this universe that we in the video game and Ash in the ever popular Pokémon show live in similar to our own? Do the same principles of gravity exist? Are there cows, are there other continents? Is this an alternate universe or a glimpse in our far future? I will try to answer these questions. From what I have concluded the Pokémon universe is very different from our own.
      One big question that those familiar with Pokémon ask is, "Where do these people live, anyway?" From what I can tell from the TV show and the game, countries like our own exist. From direct reference we can tell that America (the lightning American), France, South America (mew in the lab), and even LA exist (the episode with Meowth!). From that we can most likely conclude that the rest of the continents more or less are the same. But where do these krazy kids live? Ash
      There are two obvious answers. Either they exist on a mysterious Pokémon-filled continent or Japan where the show is made. The first idea could allow for any amount of land conditions which are evident in the show. However, the place shows striking resemblance to Japan in the land shape and the Japanese temples and such we see in the show. Perhaps it is in the far future?
      Most likely these people don't exist in this universe. More and more references are being made to Pokémon found in other places where we know they don't exist! In fact, we have never seen any other animal besides a Pokémon anywhere {in the show} so it is most likely somewhere else. Perhaps this world exists in the far future after some sort of nuclear age but that is unlikely.
      One obvious question is what do these people eat? We have never seen any other animals, so does that mean these people kill Pokémon? Not much of a choice......"Hmm, I can either choose farfetchd' or spearow." Besides that is pretty sick anyway since we are aware of the Pokémon's great intelligence. They can speak their own language and understand English!!!!!! Also we have often seen people eat hamburgers and pizza and such so other animals must exist.Blastoise
      I have a theory that all animals are Pokémon and only the fighting ones are listed. Hell, even magicarp can tackle. This would make for a much more balanced, and numerous world of life. This of course means a cow would be called MOOOO. It makes sense that cows would be called this way and since they aren't even that intelligent, no morality issues would arise.
      Finally, some people have been confused about the pokéball. My theory is that pokéballs use a form of data coding to break the Pokémon down into data. This is evidenced by the game where one can store Pokémon as data in a PC. Also Pokémon take the form of a red glow that suspiciously looks like data coding (hehe) in the show.
      From the evidence one must conclude Pokémon do not exist in our universe as we know it. The world of Pokémon is very different and makes use of strange technology. I look forward to sending more essays in later dates.

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