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Ah, Robotech. That interstellar soap opera chronicling the lives of several young Earth-based people involved in the big war against big aliens. The mecha is cool, the characters are kind of dumb-- but I love them anyway. This bingo board is only for the first series, because that's the series I like, but if someone else wants to write it for the second series or for the Macross series or something, they're welcome to. Just send me the list and we'll put it up.

Robo! squares are in purple. Squares from Anime Bingo are in red. Squares from other TV bingo boards are in blue. If I've left an Anime Bingo or other show square out, it doesn't mean you can't use it. I just chose the ones I thought would be best.
Poor, poor Rick Oh, dear, oh, dear. Rick has to choose between two beautiful women.
Another one bites the dust A character dies. It doesn't count if they say "Three casualties, sir!" You actually have to know the character who died.
Ben Eats
Lisa the Tightass
Protoculture What is this "Protoculture" business anyway? It is confusing, but you don't automatically get "The What? Factor" every time it's mentioned.
Minmei the Superstar Hype about Minmei. Lynn-Minmei, do you think you're who they say you are?
Kyle, that bastard They turned Kyle into such a jerk at the end. I didn't think it was necessary, but what are you going to do?
Micronizing A Zentraedi turns into a Micronian.
"Huh?" A character says "Huh?" or "Wha?" or "Uh?"
"Oh Rick!"
Gloval tries to smoke
Kickass Zentraedi Chicks
Big Brother In the episodes where Roy's alive, Rick calling him Big Brother. Once he's dead any mention of him counts, since it's so scarce.
Memories... Reminiscing. Ghost appearances from dead characters. That sort of thing.
Gloval hits his head
Inane musical number
Anime sound fX
Let's look at machines!
Sudden NC-17 rating Actually, this doesn't belong on the American board, because they cut those bits out.
Unison Speaking
Speaking with eyes closed
Hands behind head
I didn't know I knew Japanese! Key words are in English.
Crazy symbolism
"I don't understand this human concept --."
The Narrator
Ooh, scary villains
Because it's the future
Surprising flash of quality

Got an idea for a new Robo! square or a new bingo game? E-mail me! A wittier, sharper way to word a square? (For example "Poor, poor Rick" wouldn't be as good if it was "Rick can't decide between Minmei and Lisa. This is quite a dilemma for Rick's muddled, turmoilsome mind.") E-mail me! Questions? Comments? e-mail me!
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