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To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To notice all the things that happen often in Pokémon, and make a bingo game out of it. Meowth! That's right!

Here's the list and explanation of the Pokémon squares.

Turning of the hat Ash turns his hat around.
Evolution A Pokémon evolves.
James in Drag James of Team Rocket wears girls' clothes (I love it when this happens!)Click here to go for someone else's opinion.
Team Rocket Motto Very, very easy to get.
Brock Love Interest
Sick Pokémon
Team Rocket Dreams Team Rocket daydreams about being rich, or having lots of Pokémon, or something like that.
The Pokédex
Pokéthis, pokéthat Everything seems to begin with "Poké". Pokédex doesn't count.
Traps Ever notice how Team Rocket always tries to trap Ash, Misty and Brock, either with a net or a hole?
Oh, that Gary!
"Looks like Team Rocket's --ing off agaaaaain!"
End-of-show Laughter Somebody says something, either a bad joke or just something that nobody would ever think to laugh at, and everybody laughs. As the name suggests, this can only happen at the end of the show.
I Guess it Made Sense in Japanese This happens surprisingly little on Pokeémon. I really respect the dubbing people for coming up with totally new jokes to go along with the picture.
The What? Factor This is for if it probably didn't make sense in Japanese.
Cry me a river
Eyes/Eyebrows visible under hair
Mouth 80% of Head Size
The Vein A vein pops out on someone's forehead.
The Sweat Drop A sweat drop appears on someone's head, or behind someone's head, or in the general area of someone's head.
Anime Sound fX Sound effects heard only in anime.
"-- Attack!" They don't actually have to SAY "-- Attack" (although they can). They can just say "Koffing, attack!" or something, or something like "Bulbasaur, vinewhip!"
Why do stars suddenly appear? Twinkly stars appear around something. This happens a lot on Pokémon-- usually it's Nurse Joy, or James's rose. Once it was Jesse's hand.
I didn't know I knew Japanese! Key words are in English.
Unison speaking
The Leap
The Pan Camera pans up, usually to show legs. Related: Legs, Babes, Why do stars?
Legs It's usually not a good idea to put "Legs" and "Babes" on the same board.
Visible Sigh
Making Facesp
Over the Top
Speaking with eyes closed
Hands behind head
Picture in picture
The Wink
Pikachu Fries a Human
Southern Accent

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