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Brock blushing

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Pokémon Romances
In this essay, master writer Angie explores theinterpersonal relationships between the characterson the hit children's TV series, Pokémon.

Misty, Brock and Ash
You'd think Brock would try to hit on a girl he travelled around with all the time, but Brock and Misty almost never seem interested in each other (at least not in that way.) The only incidence that springs to mind is the Bill's Lighthouse episode, when she said the dragonite's song sounded like music and Brock asked her to dance and they danced. (I still think that Brock only did that because there were no other girls in the episode, except Jessie. See the section on Brock.) MaybeBrock doesn't hit on her because it's too easy, but most probably it's because she'stoo young.
      More often, a possible love relationship is hinted for Misty and Ash. Although they're both too young right now to be thinking about dating, the writers seem to think they'll be getting together in the future. Warning signs include when, in the Ghost of Maiden Rock episode, Misty came out with her hair down and wearing a kimono, and the camera panned up and there were stars and Ash looked stunned; also, in "Electric Shock Showdown" when they were squabbling and Nurse Joy said "They say if two people fight, they really care about each other." Of course, in that same episode, Ash and Pikachu were arguing, and Misty noted to Brock, "The way they fight, it must mean they care a lot." But that's different. Ash and Pikachu don't have a romance going on. They are just really good friends. That's allowed, isn't it?

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Brock's relationships are simple to explain. He's totally infatuated with every pretty girl he meets (and all the anime girls are pretty), and noneof them are the least bit interested in him. I'd like to see him get a girl at least once. I understand that he doesn't go out with Misty because she's too young, but there's another girl who he almost as much contact with: Jessie. Why does he never hit on Jessie? She's at least as hot as Joy or Jenny. At least.

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Team Rocket
a. The Jessie and James Romance
Jessie and James have a little something going on. Not a big something; just a little something.
      We know that Jessie and James are close friends. They have known each other since their bicycle gang years, or their Pokémon Tech years, whichever came first. They quarrel often, but that doesn't mean they don't love each other. And whether you believe that they're in love or not, I think you can agree with me that they do love one another. They just don't always know how to show it.
      The most explicit implication that they're morethan just friends came in the second of the shipwreck episodes, when they came to the room which was filled with fire and there was no way of getting across. As they hold hands tenderly, they carry out this dialogue."Jessica?" says James, calling Jessie by her full name for the first and only time. "Yes James?" "Whoever said beauty doesn't last-must have been thinking of us!" [We alreadyknow that James thinks a lot of himself, but here he's calling Jessie beautiful, too.] Later, when the others walk across on Bulbasaur's vine whips, James is afraid to cross, and tells Jessie and Meowth to go ahead without him. Jessie slaps him to his senses, then promises not to leave him, while Meowth sits there nodding.
      I like Jessie and James having that, a close friendship with a sort of uncertain semi-romanticness about it. It's more interesting to watch them kind of have a love relationship and kind of not and see what happens than it would be just to watch two people who were in love.

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b. The James Gay Thing
There are those of you who don't agree with me that Jessie and Jamesare perfect for each other because, you say, "James is gay!" This is a controversial subject with two basic schools of thought.
      First, there are the people that think James is gay. "I mean, look," they said, "he's always dressing up like a girl. Also, he has purple hair." The second school says that James istotally straight, he only dresses up like a girl because he has to, as a master of disguise.
      I believe that James does enjoy dressing up like a girl. I mean, look at "Pokémon Fashion Flash," where he was wearing the dress and Jessie was wearing the soldier's outfit, for no reason. They weren't even trying to be in disguise. (By the way, that was awesome. They panned up and you see the skirt next to the pants, and you think it's gonna be Jessie in a dress and James in a soldier's outfit, but it wasn't.) But just because he cross-dresses, doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. And the purple hair thing it totally wack.
      1. He doesn't even have purple hair. It's light blue, lavender at its purplest.
      2. It's not like you can choose what color your hair is, unless you dye it, and he's had blue hair ever since he was a little tyke on that Southern plantation with Growlithe.
      3. I still maintain that purple isn't even the gay pride color. People only think that because Jerry Falwell said so in the whole Tinky Winky fiasco. Didn't the color used to be pink? You don't see upside-down purple triangles.
     Anyway, James even likes girls. First of all, there's the aforementioned Jessie-James thing, secondly, what about the Ghost of Maiden Rock episode? Brock and James were both under the maiden's spell. Sure, Brock wanted to go with her and James didn't, but that's just because Brock so desperately wants a girlfriend, and James has got the aforementioned Jessie-James thing going on. But I don't think he would have fallen under the spell of the maiden in the first place if he didn't think she was hot. I mean, Ash wasn't taken by the ghost. He's too young to think she's hot.
     So James isn't gay, but he does like cross-dressing, and he is kind of a pansy. But that's okay, because whenever you see Jessie's fantasies of being rich, she's always surrounded by these really feminine-looking guys in Speedos. She likes that type. So that's just one more reason why Jessie and James are perfect for each other.

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