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It's just like Bingo, but with Chandler's last name, see?

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I was surfing the internet and I found about fifty websites with names like "Friends Drinking Game", but strangely enough, they were all links to the same drinking game! They just had slightly different backgrounds, or something. But step aside, Friends Drinking Game, because you've just been made obsolete by the Bing!o Friends Bingo Board. Sure, it doesn't get you drunk, but it combines your two favorite things: Watching Friends and Printing Pictures of Them From the Internet. Plus, you know, you could always take a drink AND put a penny down, in which case it would combine those two things with getting drunk. Or at least drinking a whole lot of coffee. Because, you know, we never do that.

Anal Monica
Chef Monica Monica's being a cook is mentioned.
Dumb Joey Joey fails to put 2 and 2 together.
Dune Guy Zinger Chandler says something witty.
Family Affair Any member of any of the Friends' families is in the episode. Not counting Monica and Ross.
Guest star you've heard of
Gunther Centralperk Anytime Gunther is in the episode.
How touching! Any touching moment.
"Humor" Failed humor.
"It's really serious this time"
Joey picks up chicks
Joey the Thespian Joey's being an actor is mentioned.
The Monkey Anytime Marcel makes an appearance.
"Oh. My. Gawd." Janice.
Phoebe the Space Cadet Phoebe acts spacey.
Rachel clears her throat
Ross and Monica bicker
Ross and Rachel bicker
Ross and Susan bicker
Ross is pathetic
Smelly Cat
Ugly Naked Guy
"We're great together"
"We were on a break!"

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Writing fiction by moonlight, making bingo by daylight, always working on her website, she is the one called Angel Blue.